Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski

pirate game!

yesterday, i downloaded a game from called "tradewinds". it was like a pirate/sea merchant game, where you have a ship and you have to go around buying and selling things and blasting other ships. amassing riches and destroying enemioes, and all that. it was pretty neat. i accidentally closed the window on it, when i opened it again, it said that my free trial was over. (totally amazing length of time they give you to test it out, geez, it was like an hour.) so, if i want to play this lovely pirate game anymore, i have to pay.

or do i?

does anyone know a similar game i could download that is free, or possibly where to get a crack for this game?

please help me. i was enjoying my piratey goodness.

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