alexa pearls (bbbbones) wrote in thequestionclub,
alexa pearls

there's a photography contest in my school which last year i didn't do, but my friends did it and allie won 1000 dollars for first, andrea won 500 and this girl kimberly won 250.

this year i decided to do it and my two friends kristina and sam are going to be the "models" in them. we're going to a local huge park with bridges, lakes, woods, and beautiful scenery. i want it to be different though, like allie did it again this year and she dressed her friend hippie-esqe and held up a giant peace sign in the middle of the street with cars and such, and it's very good. she has a lot of different ones. other poeple have been doing flowers.

I wan't some sort of "theme" so my question is... do you have any suggestions of something i should make them do?
Should i make the shots close up or far away?
If you have any examples of your photography for some inspiration, or just to show your work off, post!
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