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Wonky Mozilla

Mozilla acting strangly for anyone else? When I last went to log onto Mozilla it stated that there was an update so I clicked to install it. Now my Mozilla won't load properly. When I click on the Firefox icon it acts like it's loading but then doesn't load a page at all...all it does is load type across the top of m desktop. The words are what's normally on top of my taskbar when I load Mozilla but you can see my wallpaper through the words and you can't click on them. I've tried uninstalling the program and re-installing it twice. No luck. 

Any computer geniuses know what could be the problem and how I would go about fixing it?  

PS. Internet Explorer works with no issue

I fixed it...apparently my theme was being stupid.

So, next question....

Do you like SweetTarts Jellybeans? If not what are your favorite kind of jellybeans?
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