Marina (marniejh) wrote in thequestionclub,

real estate law, anyone?

Okay... I am living in an apartment with a 12 month lease that ends on Feb. 29. The first paragraph of the lease states that my landlord must give me 30 days notice of any rent increases. Further on down in the lease, it is stated that I must supply a 30 day written notice before I move out.

On Feb. 5, my landlord taped a letter to our door stating that the rent was going up starting in March. Well, upon seeing this, I went to the apartment office (the same day) and gave notice that I would be leaving at the end of Feb. when my lease is up. They are trying to charge me rent for the first week of March, as well as a $50 proration fee, because we didn't give them 30 days notice.

How in the world were we supposed to give them 30 days notice, if we didn't know our rent was going up until the 5th? What should I do? I would simply refuse to pay, but I don't want it to affect my credit!
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