. (grandemochafrap) wrote in thequestionclub,

Yesterday I found out that I might have ADHD.  The nurse told me that I can skip seeing my primary physician and she scheduled me for 6 weekly adult ADHD classes at the hospital for people to distinguish the signs of it and learn to cope with it.

For anyone who has ADHD, did you attend the classes?  What were they like?

ETA: The class is through Kaiser and I haven't officially been diagnosed.  The nurse said that the class is for adults with ADHD and we will learn the signs and learn to cope with it.  She said that if I need further assistance after the class, I can make an appointment with a phychiatrist.  My husband was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago and he had to make an appointment with his physician first then with a phychiatrist then he was given some meds.  We're both Kaiser members, so I don't know what the difference is -- why he needed a phychiatrist and I need classes.  =\  Maybe Kaiser recently changed their policy in diagnosing people?

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