S. (shopgirl1954) wrote in thequestionclub,

Real-World Newb

I have a question about possibly renting an apartment! I'm new to this living on your own thing, so I am summoning the opinions of wise TQC members who have experience with this :)

I work and go to school full time. I take home a little over $1,400 per month. I paid cash for my car several years ago, and it is starting to fall apart, so pretty soon I'm going to look into getting a new-used car that won't cost me more than $250 a month (I have quite a bit of money in savings, so I'll be able to put down a lot depending on how much the car is). My other bills (cell, credit card, gas, groceries) total to about $260 a month (my gas expenses would go down dramatically if I moved into this apartment).

Based on my income and expenses, do you think renting an apartment for $450 a month (not including heat and electric) would be manageable? I've heard that heat/electric bills can get pretty ridiculous, but seriously, I'm hot all the time so even in the winter, I'd be likely to have the temperature set at 55*-65* just to prevent any pipe damage and whatnot.

So, does that sound like something I would be capable of based on my income and expenses? Am I missing anything? What are some important questions I could ask the property owner of the apartment I'm interested in that could potentially save me money?

Thanks :)
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