the Schwarzschild Ulna (aeolian_harp) wrote in thequestionclub,
the Schwarzschild Ulna

The most difficult decision of my life thus far

I work at 6:45 a.m. tomorrow. My friend is picking me up from work and we'll go to lunch together. A couple hours after I get home I will either go to a meeting or out to dinner with my family or go to the meeting and then after dinner with my family. I need to wash my hair pretty soon (I only wash it once every few days).

Should I:

a. shower tomorrow morning before work even though I will smell like coffee from work afterwards anyway
b. hope I have enough time after I get home from lunch to shower;
c. screw trying to smell nice in front of my friend/family


Yeah, I'm too lazy to shower tonight, so that's not an option.
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