Aerozeppelin (aeroszeppelin) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I'm 17 years old, and my lower right wisdom tooth has come in almost all the way. Obviously, this is kind of messing up my teeth, especially because I have a pretty narrow jaw and my teeth are kinda tight as it is. It's not really noticeable or anything, but I can definitely feel and see my bottom front teeth edging up on each other. I'm getting the wisdom tooth removed sometime this summer (most likely June, maybe August); can't do it earlier because of insurance issues.
Here's my question: after the tooth is gone, what's the likelihood that I will need braces? Or is there a chance they will go back on their own? My teeth have otherwise always been pretty straight.

2. Do you have perfect pitch?

3. Have you ever gotten up to get or do something and then completely forgot what it was, or, let's say, went into the kitchen when you wanted to go into the living room to get something? What do you do to remember what you wanted in the first place?

4. ...I forgot what I was going to ask, hahaha. Oh wow. D= I'm pretty sure it was a good question, too. What medical conditions run in your family? (cancer on my mom's side, thyroid problems and mustaches on women on my dad's side, lol)
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