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so, i've weighed about the same since i was 16. i will be 21 in march. i am 5'6" and weigh about 117 lbs. i eat very healthy (though, i do my fair share of unleahtly snacking) and have lightning speed metabolism. i should say that i've always eaten very healthy; my parents were really good about making vegetables taste good enough to want to snack on. i am (mostly) happy with how i look, but i wish i weighed a little more. i am a bit too hippy and collarbony for my taste.

i've been trying to gain weight lately, but due to being stressed and depressed, i don't think it's made a dent.

so, this is what i've been doing. every night before i go to bed, i've been eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (most of the time, the bread is buttered before the PB&J go on) with a tall glass of milk. this has not only helped me to sleep better, but i feel satisfied*, and i take medicine at night, and it's supposed to be on a full stomach, so this has been 100% beneficial.

*i have a small stomach/appetite, so i can't force myself to eat more than my body can handle. my dad says that maybe i should take a bite or two more than what i can handle, and that'll be good, but i don't believe him.

so, outside of eating directly before i go to bed, do you have any ideas of how i can healthily gain weight? i'm in college and don't have a kitchen that is easily accesible or a huge fridge, so it's not like i can keep a whole chicken in my fridge or something. convenient food is best.
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