The Emotional Disturbance. (turntoawhisper) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Emotional Disturbance.


JUST between Kazaa Lite++ and Limewire, which is actually better?

I'm sure there are ones out there better than both, but I was just wondering between those two. My sister uses Limewire and all her songs finish in seconds, and they are actually the whole song. Kazaa Lite++ seems to take me atleast 15-20 minutes a song (dial up, haha) and lately anything NEW that I try to download plays that loud screetching sound mid song. My sister however, has no problem with new songs. She recommended I use it as well, but I also tend to notice that she's always bitching about viruses, and weird things happening to her computer...and I do not have that problem, haha.

Is there a difference really?
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