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canada :(

I apologize in advance for letting my American ignorance shine through. It's not like anybody bothered to teach us about this stuff in school.

Anyway, I might be moving to Montreal. It's not my first choice, but that's love for ya.

Currently, I make $10/hour. Based on that, the highest rent I can afford is $1000/month. When I go looking for a job up there, do I look for the same wage (10 Canadian dollars per hour)? In Canada, is 40 hours a week the normal full-time schedule? Do they have an amount of income taxes deductions comparable to here in the US?

I'm scared that I won't make as much money up there as I would here and my budget will be all out of whack. I will be supporting another person, so I really need to be careful.

I really hope we end up somewhere in the states. This is way too complicated.

EDIT: I recieve $500 a month for the next three years from my dad (child support).
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