Tyler Scott (tylergscott) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tyler Scott


What's the last thing that made you laugh?

Jesus Boy (a fanatic, bible-thumping moron in my team for Small Groups Communications) blew up today. We were setting group ground rules, and he was trying to plead his case for a "no cussing" rule to five intelligent, reasonable adults. It wasn't working. The whole scenario was laughable, but the part that actually brought me to tears, right in the middle of class, was when someone asked him, "What's so wrong with it anyways?" to which he replied, in his pre-pubescent, shocked-that-not-everyone-thinks-exactly-like-him tone of voice, "What's wrong with it?! It's wrong!" That, sir, is exactly the type of "logic" that makes me hate people like you.

After about half an hour of him trying to get us to promise not to use swear words, and us telling him to stfu, he finally just put all of his stuff away and turned his desk around, out of the group. It was amazing.
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