Thinkzinc (thinkzinc) wrote in thequestionclub,

Quick question - Ebay - Starting Price vs Reserve Price? What's the difference? Please answer ASAP.

I am, at this very moment, trying to sell my very first item on Ebay! But I am confuzzled! I want to get a good price for my item - around £50. I note that the lowest you can have a reserve price at is £50. It says that you are not obliged to sell if the price is not met. But what if I set a starting price at £50, surely I am not obliged to sell if nobody bids less than £50 - in fact, it would be impossible to bid any less, unless I am mistaken.
So what is the real difference?
Which is the best option; starting price or reserve price?
Thank you!!!!

I now have the answer to the above question =)
But I also have another Ebay question now!
I believe if an item doesn't sell first time, you can relist it one more time for free. Could I initially go for reserve, and if it didn't sell, then try starting price, or do you have to keep the same pricing policy both times?
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