Caitlin Marie (yourthevoice) wrote in thequestionclub,
Caitlin Marie

I have a lot a free time lately, and I have been very lonely and been wanting a small animal friend. I used to have hamsters for years and rescue them from shelters. I've been thinking about going to petco/petsmart and just getting all the stuff I needed then just going to the Humane Society and taking all the hamsters they have.

This is a good idea, right?

Should I get a chinchilla instead?

Do you hate guinea pigs as much as I do? They are smelly and they make a lot of noise.

If I don't like any of the small animals, I might just cave in and adopt the sweetest dog I see. Age is not a factor. My puppy needs a friend. Is this also a good idea?

Do you hate pitbulls? No.
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