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Self-defense weapons

I'm planning on going job hunting this coming weekend. As a college student who uses public transportation as a means of getting around, the dorms have a free bus services that travels from the dorms to the train station, vise versa.

Unfortunately, this bus stops running after 11:15pm, which means I have to use the MARTA bus to get back home. (MARTA is just the name for Atanta's public transportation system.) The bus doesn't stop in front of the dorms, so I have to walk about 5-10 minutes.

Now, I'm not usually scared of being by myself, but the area around the dorms isn't exactly friendly. But because I am so desperate to get a job, and I want to keep in mind that I may not always make the 11pm bus, I'm interested in weapons in case I'm ever attacked (in the sense of being raped, beaten up, etc--nothing like having my purse stolen, which I've always been given the advice to just cooperate). I've only been able to come up with a knife, but I'm not sure how I'd feel stabbing someone tbh.

Are there any other alternatives? I've thought about me drop-kicking someone but I know that's just a fantasy, haha.

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