HOH (heart_over_head) wrote in thequestionclub,

Am I the only one who does this? And it is weird?

Even if I'm not easily read, I try to convince myself that I am easily read for moral improvement. I try to tell myself that people can see through my true feelings. This gets me to be more genuine.

Example: Sometimes when I don't like someone, I act nice to him or her anyway and smile. I hate that and feel really fake. So I try to make myself like the person (if it's an irrational reason) by seeing the good in him or her. That way I won't feel guilty for being fake 'cause it's more genuine.

I don't know if I explained it right. I just try to believe that people can see through me so I don't try to decieve people or lie to them that much, or at all. Does anyone get it?
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