beautiful but slightly mental (yesterday_laugh) wrote in thequestionclub,
beautiful but slightly mental

help with a decision

Should I go to Art Institute of Boston next year or should I go to SUNY Purchase?

AIB - I went there earlier this year before getting sick, made lots of friends and majored in photography. however, it was slightly overwhelming (not sure if I want to do only photography) and i hated how it was connected to Lesley University( where we lived far from the actual school).I'd be in boston near my twin and a bunch of other friends

SUNY Purchase - I would go next year as a freshmen in New Media (a program that is graphic design, photography, video, web design and other stuff) which incorporates many of my passions. I will have to make friends again (which educes anxiety). I would be in NY near the city and close to my two of my best friends.

Has anyone ever gone to either one of these schools?

What college did/do/going to go to?

Does anyone else think that the food cooked on Iron Chef looks nasty?

What decision do you have to make?
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