telebikun (telebikun) wrote in thequestionclub,

Vacation Time! Now where the hell am I going to go?

Hi! I know I asked a question similar to this one before, but things are finally getting serious. I need to start planning a relatively short (approx. 2 week) international vacation, probably to take place during July or August, and the wife and I are really not sure where we want to go. I'm open to almost anywhere, as is my wife, with some reservations. We'll probably do 2-3 cities in one, or less likely, two countries.

We've been thinking of destinations as diverse as Ethiopia (probably Addis and a loop by air of historical sites), Brazil (probably Rio and Salvador de Bahia), and Turkey (Istanbul) with a side trip by ferry to Ukraine (Odessa). But we're mostly still completely up in the air. So we come to you, O TQC, to ask: where would you spend a two-week summertime international jaunt? Specific cities and towns are especially welcome, but countries are cool too.

1) We're not very beachy or outdoorsy people. We like cities, towns, and villages, cultural stuff, and historical sites, but white sand doesn't do much for us, and we don't care about camping, hiking, or sports.

2) If it's in Latin America, or many parts of Africa or Asia, I can probably get my job to pay for my ticket. Anywhere in Europe we have to foot the bill for all by ourselves (ouch!).

3) We'd prefer somewhere we've never been. She just got back from India and Bangladesh for work. Our last international journeys were to Cambodia and Mexico. We've visited most of Western Europe (but almost none of Eastern Europe) and Southeast Asia. So those are out of the running for now.

BONUS if it's possible for a vegetarian to eat there without getting scurvy or relying solely on cheese.

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