Alicen (alicinnamon) wrote in thequestionclub,

Yesterday morning our freezer stopped working. It wasn't keeping anything cold. The refrigerator portion still worked, however, so we moved everything that was in the freezer into the fridge so it would stay cold.

In the afternoon, the fridge broke. We have a large freezer in the garage, so we moved that into the house and put all of our freezer stuff in it, and used coolers with ice to keep everything else cold. This seemed like it would work ok until we could buy a new refrigerator.

But now the large freezer is broken too. Keeps things colder than if they were just laying around in room temperature, but it's basically useless. It is plugged in to a different outlet than the broken refrigerator.

Is the breaking of both appliances related, or do we just have really bad luck?
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