and that is not how I'm introducing myself (remey) wrote in thequestionclub,
and that is not how I'm introducing myself

1.Have you lost a pet recently?
2.Are you drunk?
3.Are you laying in bed with your laptop?
4.Do you take your computer into the bathroom with you when taking a poo?
5.Are you a Hufflepuff?

ALSO, I score 10 points for posting this to my journal and then wondering why it wasn't showing up on TQC page, lol.

My answers:
1.Yes my Kitty died, and my Best Friend's rat Skippy died. We did about 6 tequila shots in their memory.
2.Yes, I am a lightweight.
3.I am laying bed cause i am a light weight and i am drunkish.
4.I do, I know a friend that does, and I don't see a problem with it.
5.I am a Hufflepuff beeatch.

Also, is this funny?:
me: My ovaries have grown teeth and are eating their way out of me...
Ame/Jason: kind of like in Alien!
LE: aw, they would be so cute with teeth and i would keep them as pets and rampage all over the world
me: while i was bleeding out on the floor?
LE: well, i'd take you to the hospital..
me: i don't care if you use my ovaries to take over the world, i just don't want to die.

I don't know what it is about that whole conversation, but I'm still Loling about it.
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