-- (sinkopayshun) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. What other TQC spinoff comms are there? I'm already in tqc_chat, tqc_drama, tqc_updates and I just found picture_tqc. There must be more that I'm missing, and I must join ALL OF THEM.

2. You might have heard that Fox plans to integrate its Super Bowl Sunday coverage with Super Tuesday coverage - bringing in President Bush as well as talking politics with football players, etc. Do you have an opinion about this? For some reason I have a major problem with this - mostly because of Fox News and its reputation for playing fast and loose with the truth in politics. And I really feel like Fox is doing sort of a bait and switch here - using Super Bowl coverage and its built-in audience as a way to advance its neo-conservative, biased agenda. Or am I totally overreacting here?

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