goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

needn't necessarily be answered in exact formatting....

Inspired by this seatbelt question:

If you are the passenger in a car, and the driver doesn't put their seatbelt on, do you put your foot down and make them? let them make their own decision? refuse to get in the car with them?

Semirelatedly, if you are texting with someone and they reveal that they are "texting while driving" do you continue to text with them or do you cut the conversation off? Do you think it matters? Do you think they will still continue to text while driving with other people even if you refuse to participate in those shenanigans?

Do you ever text while driving? Do you ever talk on the phone while driving? Do you think they are equally dangerous or that one is more dangerous than the other?

Do you think talking to a passenger and talking on the phone are equally dangerous? Dangerous at all?
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