Xellos Azalyn Schezar (sdragon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Xellos Azalyn Schezar

What constitutes "cocktail" and "general business attire"?

In the same thread as the previous post, I've got three events this weekend to plan outfits for. They're for a political education program I just got accepted to. One is a fancy Holiday party, and I have a dress for that. But the others call for "cocktail" and "general business attire."

I have a long green fitted skirt and cream blouse-y shirt (kind of stretchy fabric) with black leather flats; is that okay for "cocktail"? (and hair up with sticks)

And for "business", are nice slacks, shirt, and sweater cardigan okay?

Thank you!

(yes, I'm a failure as a chick due to my utter lack of fashion sense)
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