IVI0R9AN (ivi0r9an) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need some advice.

I know that I probably shouldn't let anyone influence my decision... but I just can't make up my mind.

So I am 17, and a senior graduating high school in June. Due to the fact that I am going to have to pay for all of my college expenses on my own, I am going to a community college after I graduate and plan on attending a 4 year school after that. I want to get really good grades at the commmunity college so that I can transfer to whatever school I choose and get in. 

So now I am taking a Spanish 5 level class in high school for credit at the community college. I'm really not good at spanish at all and I only did this because it costs less to take the class in high school and just have the credits transfer over. I'm done with the first semester(which I hated) and finished with an 82 overall. That's a B at the CC. This class is fucking hard beacuse we are given tons of info to study IN ONE NIGHT and we're quizzed on it the very next day. For me, right now senior year is very easy. In all of my other classes... I get high 90s with such little effort. I feel maybe I should continue with this Spanish class for the second semester so that I am challenging myself.... but it's just so hard and it's my senior year. I just want to have easy school work so that I can work more, to save money and just relax a little! I already have 3 credits for this. But then again It might be better to take it now and get one class out of the way in case I get loaded with tons of schoolwork next year.

So the question is... should I  continue for three more credits... and probably get an 80 something overall again?
are community colleges hard work? or were the classes fairly easy?

Thanks for reading all my crap. I'd love anyone's opinion.

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