. (grandemochafrap) wrote in thequestionclub,

There is a woman that I work with who is intimidating and gets annoyed if you ask a question more than once.  However, the guy that trained me on my job suggested that I go to her for questions because she might get offended if I don't ask.  Really, there's no winning.  I will feel frightened and stupid regardless of who I ask.

1) If you had a question, would you continue to ask the guy who trained you and you feel comfortable asking (but sits on the other side of the room 10 feet away) or the scary girl who will be sitting right next to you and might get offended if you go to someone else or might get annoyed that you're bothering her?

2) What does your work space look like?  (pics and/or a written description)
I took a picture but can't upload until later.

3) What is your job like?
I spend all day doing data entry for invoices.

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