ashley (kinkiness) wrote in thequestionclub,

I went down to my basement to do laundry today and someone flushed our only toilet, which is located upstairs. A fountain of water came out of the drain and it took probably 10-15 minutes for all the water to drain, even after plunging it for a good 5 minutes. When the water went down, I ran the sink and it drained a little slow. I cleaned the sink out and then flushed the toilet again. Checked the utility sink and it backed up again. The water in the sink is brown. I haven't flushed anything other than toilet paper. My landlord hasn't call me back.

We had a problem like this when we first moved in, about 3-ish weeks ago. The washer drains into the utility sink and it would overflow if you flushed while it was draining. The county came and, I thought, fixed the problem, but maybe not?
Why is my toilet backing up into my utility sink?
Is it a problem with the plumbing inside or out, most likely?
Is it poo/pee water that I currently have in my sink?
Would I be wrong to call my landlord multiple times in a day until I heard from him about this problem?
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