this girl types (girltype) wrote in thequestionclub,
this girl types

how does playboy ship their mags?

It's my uncles birthday (he's 26, btw. I'm 25.) and he reads shitty magazines like Maxim and Stuff that are filled with b-list girls who are half naked and ads. I wanted him to read Playboy, since it has at least top notch nudie pics and less ads and some actual content, and that it was a pretty cheap gift. At around 16.00 for a year's worth, so I got him a gift sub and he lives in an apartment and I was wondering, to those who get playboy in the mail, how do they package the magazine, is it covered it any way; I just hate for the mailman to one day slip it in someone elses mail box and he'd get in trouble. (This happen last year when his Stuff got shipped with that stupid Avril cover got into another mail box by mistake and those people threw a shit fit.)
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