Rock this Bitch (jesus__suburbia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Rock this Bitch

Hey guys.

1. I have a social psychology test today, and it is 25% of my grade. At this point, I am pretty confident I will get a B or a B+, but this is an important class to get into the psychology major, so I'd like to get an A. I have an astronomy class at 2, and most likely a mini quiz in that class. The lowest 2 mini quizzes are dropped. Should I (after getting my ass off livejournal) skip the astronomy class to study and just hope their isn't a mini quiz or let it be one of my dropped ones, or should I go and study between that class and the test? (about an hour and a half in between, but I have to eat at some point)
I'm thinking I will probably just skip, have a nap, and study
I decided to go, but I forgot my PRS transmitter for the quiz, so I may as well just leave now. F@#K THIS GAME.

2. Does anyone know if there are any programs like itunes that are compatible with an ipod? Word on the street has it that these programs exist.

3. How many Starbucks are there on your campus? If you aren't in college, then in your town/area? We have one in the bookstore, one free standing one, and one in the library. I feel like I am missing one, but I'm not sure.
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