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On Friday, my roommate was running down a hall, slipped, fell, and hurt his foot. Since then, it has apparently hurt a lot, despite putting on an ace bandage, elevating it, and taking painkillers. Tonight it was apparently so bad that he was almost crying, despite being one of those 'boys don't cry' types. I used my Google-fu to research various foot ailments, and discovered two things: anything simple should have gone away within a day or two of proper care, and anything serious needs to be taken to the doctor immediately to get fixed.

Sooo...how can I convince him to go to the doctor? :(

Also, isn't a landlord legally obligated to make sure that their tenants' apartments are sufficiently insulated? Our doors have like inch wide gaps at the bottom, which either make our apartment very cold, or our gas bill very high (or both).
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