pacinpews (pacinpews) wrote in thequestionclub,

cam jansen and the mystery song. D:

I've been trying to look for this song on all and any kind of search engines for months now. D': All I have is one lyric, which actually might be wrong, but I can describe the song really well! :D And it was played on the radio, so I'm guessing it might be fairly well known.
Well, see, the beginning goes like this:
"I remember when..."
No kidding, that's all I know. D= BUT BUT BUT the chorus is mostly screamed! :D
The band honestly sounds a lot like Breaking Benjamin and/or Three Days Grace, so yeah, if that helps any.
Can anyone help me find the song?
If anyone could help me, I will name my future child after you. 

oh yeah, and it's not Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. thanks for catching that (first two commenters), that's the answer i get a lot. :)
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