chelle (sweetassalt) wrote in thequestionclub,


Should I go see Third Eye Blind in February? 

Pros: I love them.  The show is only 2 hours away.  It would be something fun to do, and the husband and I haven't had much of that lately.  I'd like to see them in concert again.  Tickets are reasonably cheap.  This is the closest to where I live that they've played in at least a few years, I think.

Cons: The show is 2 hours away, and we are in Pennsylvania, and it's February.  It might snow a shit-ton, and that will be no fun to drive in.  I don't know anyone in the town that they're playing in.  Husband and I will have to get up at 6:30 for work the next day after driving home all night.  The only other time I saw them in concert was last March at the Fillmore in San Francisco, and the energy of that show will probably be way better than the one that they're going to do in Kent State in February. I'm worried that it will not be any fun.  The show is at a university, which probably means no booze at the venue (not that I'm an alcoholic, but I do like to have a drink or two at a show) not to mention the drive home that neither of us wants to be smashed for.

halp me, intarnetz?
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