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I finally decided to take about 10 hours and get all of the family music onto two hard drives. The music I want is on my hard drive, in little folders like iTunes makes, but iTunes can't see ANY of my music unless I manually select the files in the folder and tell iTunes to play them. Consolidating my library does not work. Is the latest iTunes just buggy, or is it more of an "Apple still hates you" situation?

Is there anything I can do besides taking all of my files out of every single folder, then telling iTunes to play them? meerasedai is made of win and gold. THANK YOU for the suggestion!

Should I throw myself, or the computer, out the window? Should I be constructing a Steve Jobs voodoo doll?

Why do I always hear great things about Apple, but haven't had a super good experience since the IIe? (My iPod only half counts as a good experience.) Doesn't anyone else feel ambivalent (or worse) towards Apple?!
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