Number 201, reporting for duty, sir. (z_o_e) wrote in thequestionclub,
Number 201, reporting for duty, sir.

Video help

My fiance and I were at Circuit City today and we saw a music video that we really liked, but it never said who the band was. It was on like, a Circuit City dvd thing that they play in the speaker section on the tv to show off the speakers.

The video started out with a shot of (we think) Mt. Fuji, and then the band started singing in an area that looked like a Japanese Time Square with all the signs reaching into the sky. The band itself was kind of scrappy looking. All the guy except the singer had long hair and lots of facial hair. The singer had a little beard thing, and dark hair, and dark eyes. At one point, the singer is kind of posing with a Japanese Elvis-type impersonator who is wearing a red outfit. The music was kind of emo/indie, like the Strokes. We thought it was OK GO, but it wasn't.

The only part of the song I can think of right now, was something like "maybe it'll be alright." But I really don't remember now.

I know it's a long shot. Anyone have any ideas?

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