Amanda (inspire_me) wrote in thequestionclub,

Legal quesiton...

Can an off-duty cop legally pull you over when he is the passenger in a car that his wife is driving?

Here's the whole situation. I was driving with my roommate because she needed to collect trash for an art project(bicycle wheels, old piping, etc) and i stopped at a stop sign, then i pulled out into the intersection. A car coming from the street perpendicular almost ran into my side and ended up swerving on the road that i was headed onto to avoid hitting me. I was going maybe 15 mph while the other car was going at lest 25 if not more. The posted speed limit was 25 mph. Now the neighborhood this happened in is not a good one. So I went to the left instead of continuing on straight. On that street, not 10 feet from the intersection that this all happened at she saw some trash she liked, so I pulled over and then the car from before came up in front of me and the guy got out and showed me his badge and told me he was colling the cops.

I need some serious advice here because my mom is making me contest the ticket in court. Also this all happened on residential roads. It's not like these were busy streets.

Edit The ticket was for failure to yield but I definitely came to a full stop at the stop sign.

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