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Because "The Dog Ate My Homework" is so tired...

Anybody have a tried-and-true excuse for missing a class?

I have this particular class where absensces count against your final grade. She accepts valid excuses. That's kind of vague to me... I missed class today because after two hours of hunting for a parking space, I couldn't find a single one. Now, Purdue has notoriously wretched parking...but "I couldn't find a parking space" sounds like such a lame excuse... I thought I might tap The Question Club for a slightly more substantial explanation<. LOL!

I've since missed class due to a dead car battery and an actual car breakdown. She excused both. I'm not sure that being ill will work and I don't particularly want to say anyone has died (bad luck.) Other than that I'm open to suggestions!

Unless the parking space excuse sounds reasonable...which it doesn't to me at least.

Thanks in advance!

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