dancing_zephyr (dancing_zephyr) wrote in thequestionclub,

This is possibly a silly question, but oh well :) Basically, I ordered some Smart Balls, and before I start using them I want to confirm whether or not they're silicone. I tend to see descriptions say it's a safe plastic, somewhere it might have said it was silicone, but it was packaged with a sample of silicone lube--and as well all know, silicone toys + silicone lube = the end of the world, so I'm guessing it's not silicone, but I thought I'd ask. Anyone know?

Anyone out here use the Smart Balls? Are they as awesome as reviews claim?

And I was flipping through some ads for Ulta and they sell a few lines of these Bare Minerals type makeup. There's like, Bare Escentuals, ID minerals, Pur Minerals...what on earth is the difference between them all? Is there one that's considered better, in any way?
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