UR MOM ON CRACK (taco_in_yo_mama) wrote in thequestionclub,

I am temping for someone while they are on leave for the next few months.
Today I had to send out service request to third parties that assist us.
I was faxing the information to all the third parties since I was given no other direction.
Out of twenty third parties one of them called up and said they don’t take service request by fax.
He wants me to email the service request individually.
Any other day I would oblige and think nothing of this request. But today I am swamped and I feel like I am everyone’s assistant by doing these little tasks.

Would I be out of line to tell this third party to scan and email the service requests themselves?

Should I even have to readmit my paperwork by email?

Do you ever get irritated when coworkers whine about what their other assistant did (burped, fed and held their hand while crossing the road)?

Tell me something that bothered you this week.
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