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iPod Shuffle

My sister and bro-in-law bought me a nifty seafoam green iPod Shuffle for Christmas.

Of course, I hand it over to the boyfriend to figure out, as I am usually technologically retarded.

He got it up and runnning. He put some music on it for me, assuring me it was in the right format and all that jazz (he works on computers for a living, so he definitely knows what he's doing).

It worked fine for a day.

I took it to work the following day and tried to use it. It wouldn't work.

I took it home that night to try to charge it. All it did on the charger was blink that orange light very slowly.

When I hit the "play" button, the green and orange lights blink. First green, then orange. I read the little manual-thingie and it says that indicates that there is no music on it.

Which is BS - I plugged it into my computer and there is DEFINITELY music on the player.

So wtf is wrong with my iPod Shuffle? Is it totally effed in the a or is there a way to fix this once and for all?

I was also the one who posted not too long ago about how my mom and aunt want my boyfriend and me to have a Catholic wedding. Update to that: my mom told me last weekend that if it's not Catholic, she and my father aren't going to help us pay for it. (I don't think my dad will be happy about this, seeing as I think he's on my side about the whole thing.)

So what can I say to her when she brings it up again, as she inevitably will? My boyfriend and I are NOT engaged yet, for the record. So I want to say something polite, but vague, anytime she brings it up.

(Serious and non-serious replies are welcome!)
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