Shanon (giltedge) wrote in thequestionclub,

(1) Have you ever created a new livejournal, and moved from the old one to the new one? Why did you do so, and how did that go? What did you change, any friends, communities, layout...?

(2) When did you first move out of your parents' house (if you no longer live with them)? Did you stay in the same town? How old were you? Did you enjoy living on your own for the first time, or did you struggle?

(3) For those of you who live in a different place than your parents... is this permanent? Do you miss being near your family? Do you consider yourself "close" to them, and if so, how do you deal with the distance?

I ask this because I am going into teaching, and so is my boyfriend, and it's likely that we're going to have to move away from the area when we graduate college, and it will be really strange leaving this area. I do live on my own (well, with my boyfriend), and we're about a 15 minute drive from my hometown. I see my family regularly, and can't imagine being very far away from them.


edit: just wanted to clarify, for question #3, I mean if you moved far away from your family, not just out of your parents' house. :)

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