Gerald Washington (alpacacock) wrote in thequestionclub,
Gerald Washington

Have you ever written a letter/called to complain to a company about something they did?

Have you ever wanted to?

What for?

Any tips on eloquently emphasizing the main theme of "Hey, you're a fucking retard" in this

Summary: Corporate decided to remove all the trash cans at all the entrances for the buildings. Now people are just leaving their trash on the sidewalk.

To whom it may concern,

I want to commend everyone involved in the decision "from corporate" to remove the unsightly ashtrays and disposal bins from every single entrance of the building I'm in. Now, instead of the hideous waste containers, I'm greeted with a vivid kaleidoscope of filth every time I enter the building. The two dozen cigarette butts, three soda cans, several candy wrappers and the used diaper I passed on my way in after lunch today? Well they might have been hidden from my view had it not been for the superiorly intelligent decision someone had to make sure that this waste would be left in the open for everyone gaze upon.

I can't wait to find out what kind of trash I get to trip over Monday morning!

Thank you for your kindness and thoughtful consideration,

I have the format for the company's emails, and will just be bombing all their c-level folk.
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