k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

so we have a new water heater. mom was broke, so i covered the cost. $700 for a new unit and installation. i am beyond broke now, tqc. this is huge for me.

i have a job that i work 15-20 hrs a week and it keeps me busy. but it's not enough. i'm also going to be observing in an elementary school 5 hrs a week starting next week, more than likely. is it crazy for me to think about taking on a work study job at school?

i usually tutor with the dss office, but there are other things on campus... the only one i can think of is library worker off the top of my head. i'd really like to do something other than tutoring because that's just more teaching i have to do. what kind of on-campus job should i look for?
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