tynyx (tynyx) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. why must love amazingly sweet and amazing and good and joyous ect. and at the same time be so absolutey horrid?

2. why is it that everyone's (well not everyone, that is an exaggeration but I know a good 10 - 12 people I know both online and off) significant other is being a huge pain in the ass and/or untolerable asshole lately?

3. are you the type that has a set age at which you want to be married at? If so why?

4. do you want to get married or would you rather be single/dating forever?

5. What makes a good wedding present when the couple has been living together for the past three years?

they already have pretty much everything I can think of and they didnt register anywhere so I'm really stumped as to what I could get that wouldn't be lame, like obviously I dont think its that appropriate to just give cash.
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