Hey starlet (freakshownia) wrote in thequestionclub,
Hey starlet

So I was searching eBay for cheetah plushies, and I found a leopard plush that was listed as a cheetah. So I sent the seller a message telling them that it was a leopard, not a cheetah. I thought that they'd reply with a thank you, since labeling it correctly would help it sell.

Hey! You have nothing better to do get a life!

I responded:
What's your problem? I just wanted to help you sell your item. But now I know never to buy anything from you, and I will tell others to do the same.

And then I got:
Hey! Mind your own busines and you aren't welcomed on my site

My final reply:
Why on earth do you think being rude to a potential buyer is a good idea? And eBay isn't your own personal website, haha.


Lesson: Don't buy from the ebay seller waterfowlcollectiblesgale O_o

WTF is wrong with some people? Have you ever met a seller who seemed so determined to lose business?
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