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I'm getting really annoyed with people at my school, and would like to return the favor, so...

...Is there anything that tends to annoy college students? Not disruptive annoying like weird noises and stuff, but personality/style/behavior-related things.

Brownie points for things that would bother hipsters, snobs, or single-minded school-obsessed types, but anything that annoys college students or 18-25 year olds in general would be helpful. XD

Oh, and I don't live in a dorm, so anything relating to that wouldn't help much.

P.S. Would acting like I'm obviously not studying, especially during midterms or finals, make people wonder why I'm not studying, or would they just not notice? I'm not sure if sitting in the halls between classes quietly playing video games while everyone else is going over their notes would make people give me funny looks or if they'd just ignore me.

(I'm fully aware that this is childish. :P I'm just fed up and want to shake people up a little.)
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