Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass. (dazeydevyne) wrote in thequestionclub,
Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

Random questions:

1. for the ladies: if you had to choose from one of the following options, which would you go for?  
a) an upper body you are happy with, but chunkier than you would like tummy/hips/thighs-wise OR
b) small chest, puny arms etc. and ripped abs, thin thighs Please note that I didn't say FAT for option A, just chunky... and the question is meant more aesthetically, not health wise... (but feel free to answer either way- that's just the mind set I was in when I thought the qustion up- I gained a bit in my middle that I want to lose, but I'm LOVING my boobs right now...)

2. For those  of you who play video games:  When you play, do you try to finish as quickly as you can, or do you try to acheive all the goals and complete the game/levels with 100%?  I try to get a perfect score, but my son just runs like hell to get to the end

3. If you watch Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants, who is the bitchiest team?  Who is the best?  I hate the redheads, and I love Hollis & Gina 

4. What's been bugging you lately?  I've been getting the urge to smoke again lately, despite having quit on May 1st last year.  Also, people leaving a "D" off the end of words has made me irrationally angry (ie: he use to be nicer, but now he isn't.  He's suppose to be cool..."
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