KXO (kxo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Jumping Jesus, I'm so lame.

My SO and are are celebrating our 21st birthdays on Saturday. Neither of us are experienced drinkers, and we've maybe been to three social events with alcohol the entire time we've been alive. Seriously, we are clueless about drinking basics. So the questions are:

1. I'm expecting around 12 (+/- 3) people to show up to our little event, so what kinds of alcohol do I need to buy, and how much? If it helps, I think everybody will prefer mixed drinks/shots to beer and wine.

EDIT: BYOB is not an option, sadly.

2. Is it usually cheaper to buy the booze at a liquor store or a supermarket? (We are so embarrassingly broke. Money-saving tips are greatly appreciated.)

3. Also, all of our music is either video game soundtracks, foreign, or from internet memes. What do the cool college kids listen to these days?

4. Entertainment? Should we drag out the TV and hook it up to our old PS2/have somebody bring over Guitar Hero and required gear? HALP.

5. And finally, I have 4 cats. What are some tips for making things easier on my allergic friends (besides the obvious vacuuming and dusting)? Opening the windows is not an option--I live about 10 feet from a noisy, busy road.

BONUS!: I'm not terribly worried about food, but if you want to suggest some tasty nibblets that won't make my guests hork on the carpet, I'm always open to recipes.
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