-- (sinkopayshun) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok real questions this time

1. I'm flying to DC tonight. I haven't flown domestic in a few years, it's always been US to Canada or Canada to US. I just need my driver's license and my boarding pass, right?

2. Do you think it's possible to be obsessed with your SO? I think that my buddy's girlfriend is obsessed with him. He thinks it's just love. Thoughts?

3. Speaking of SOs, have any of you American TQCers married or been engaged to a non-American, who was going to come to the US to be with you? Was it difficult to get them approved and everything, or is it easier than just going on your own?

4. ETA - I bought this new face wash thing that "guaranteed" clearer skin in 24 hours. My skin is getting exponentially WORSE after I've started this. What gives? Does it get worse before it gets better?
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