Still not too old to die young (x_quotethis_x) wrote in thequestionclub,
Still not too old to die young

Pronouncing and Exercising.

Hello TQC. I like you guys. I have some questions about pronouncing things, and exercising. There are quite a few.

QUESTION 1: How do you pronounce these words?
A) Nike - Nike or nike-eeee?
B) Addidas - (I heard Phoebe on Friends pronounce it strange the other day). Add-de-das or a-dee-dahs?
(The a's are different, too. In the second one the a is like "bath". In the first one, it isn't).
C) All my life I've pronounced puma pew-ma. My friends pointed and laughed at me and said you pronounce it poo-ma. What?! Poo?!

QUESTION 2: I've been exercising on an elliptical 17 days (new years res, go figure). I've gone up from 15 minutes to 25 over the 17 days, and I've been doing 25 for well over a week...maybe even two weeks.

A) Why isn't it getting easier?
B) What's the worst thing about exercising?
C) The best?
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