ellieo (ellieo) wrote in thequestionclub,

moldy food, too?

I'm not obsessed with mold, I swear. I just threw away a can of spaghetti sauce that had gotten all moldy. How did the mold get inside the refridgerator? If I had eaten the sauce as it was, would I have gotten sick? Was the mold on my sauce the same mold that's taking over my condo?

I used to use Fedora on my old computer. One of my favorite features was program that let you "stick" notes on the desktop indefinitely- like virtual Post-It notes. Is there a simple program like that for Windows? I have XP Professional, if that makes a difference. And no, actual Post-Its won't work, because this is a laptop. :)

Does anybody else not celebrate Thanksgiving? Apparently my whole family thinks I'm being ridiculous and I should "get over it" (the genocide and dignity-robbing of the indigenous people).
Tags: computers, family, food, health

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