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this is going to be terrible to try to describe, but desperation wins out here.
my friends and i were filling out a silly elementary school christmas puzzle the other day. there were 20 some boxes, and in each are pictures and symbols... and they all could be translated into the titles of christmas carols. ie a fork, a spoon, a knife, a bell, a bell = silver bells. a knight and the december calendar with the 25th circled = the night before christmas. im sure youve seem them before.

the singular one we could not,\ for all the candy canes in the world get, was a picture of 1 star to the left of a compas. the cardinal directions on the compas were not placed as theyre typically are. east was on the left of the +, and west on the right. south was at the top, and north at the bottom. id assume thats relevent, but how... i havent the foggiest.

so who of you is the puzzlemaster??

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